S, Sprint Nextel

s sept 2012

Sprint Nextel did precisely what we anticipated by dropping to , about, $2 twice, once in Oct. 2011 to end wave 4 and again in Jan 2012 to complete wave 5. We forgot to take note!, just too many stocks to keep an eye on. As a general rule one should always reverse positions after the completion of a 5-wave sequence. If one is only interested in playing the long side, you simple alternate between being out or being long. S looks like it is in a 4th wave on its way to double topping. Not worth playing anymore.

S, Sherritt Int.

s jan 2012

This stock worked well for us before, we simple have not looked at it unfortunately. The low in October at about $4 is the end of a 5 wave sequence that eroded almost 60% of the value, an obvious buy at that level. From that low the stock has been doing an a-b-c counter-trend rebound. The b in this case is a triangle. Unlike a 4th wave triangle this is sort of the pause that refreshes. The stock should now go to about $6.75

S, Sprint-Nextel

s aug 2011

Today‚Äôs anti-trust objections to the merger of ATT and T-Mobile has given this stock a little boost. Perhaps it is the beginning of a new bull but I do not think so. For the moment the action over the past month have  the distinct look of a wave 4 a-b-c, implying another down-leg right around the corner.