The first time I looked at this stock I already thought it was grossly overvalued. That may still be the case but at a P/E of “only” 31x that may no longer be the case.

This is a model/classic EW pattern which basically amounts to 5 up and A down chosen the most pessimistic interpretation. This would mean that wave B would start any moment to form the B of an A-B-C correction. This would start once A down is done which, if it equals the of 2 up, would be at about $37

This is potentially a great opportunity as wave B typically retraces 1/3 or all of wave A. The wave 4 of A is always a good level to aim for which is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $90+ implying a doubling or almost tripling of your money.

Practically speaking buying right now would be fine as well.

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