BRK, the sage of Omaha Warren Buffett.

Most investors and brokers love to bask in the shadow of Mr. Buffett in the belief that his acumen and or wisdom will somehow, by osmosis if you will, rub of on them. Before you get too close , you may want to consider that Mr. Buffett once observed that having IQ score above 115 is detrimental to good investing, even suggesting (jokingly) that the relevant regulatory bodies in the US and should ban brokers that scored above that level. I leave it to the individual reader to wonder if they should worry.

    Getting to the point, see the charts , note that Berkshire Hathaway stock dropped almost precisely by that ubiquitous 50% Fibonacci ratio. Not good if you consider that the benchmark whatever, S&P for the sake of argument, also did 50%. However not in two months! What is not crystal clear in EW terms is where the top actually is. Obviously it is the first top but EW rules (all pragmatic/ inductive) are not that obvious- it could be the second top (that failed by a few thousand dollars to make a new high. This leaves us with the possibility of 120k to the upside and 60k to the downside and perhaps both. Personally,  looking at the Bigchart ultimate target of 40k is certainly a possibility. If you are smart, but not too smart, you may want to keep a close eye on this one!

BRK 2 Jan 28

brk jan 28