NCX update Jan 21

By the way, at the top of the website there is a little search engine. Juast put in the ticker or whatever and it will lead you there. Of you did that you will know that as one of the first opinions I had NCX as a buy at about $5, not for any e-wave reason but simple because the chart looked good. I have not looked at it since so just to clarify, if I volunteer a $15 target sometime in the future and you get almost half that in a week, take it. It is a lot more satisfying to be lucky than smart, often it hurts a lot less. Also discipline has always trumped brains in terms of making money; ergo always sell if you gain 30% or so( in this case it was more than 50%), likewise if you are wrong by that much cut out. Anyway this could be a 5th wave or a B, perhaps a little lower but here again it is probable a buy. If you want to get into this chemical and other business (clearly not too many do) you can get the plant and equipment by buying the stock for 1/10th of replacement cost! (at least so I heard.) Here is the chart which, even in e-wave terms, could be complete.