RIM definitely time to get out. Feb 2

rim-feb2Gambling is when you buy a lottery ticket and hope. No doubt it serves a good purpose as in “taxing the poor”, but it is not the business of this web-site, which is making money on the basis of informed and non-emotional analysis using and other objective insights.  From the first recommendation at about $50  (this site was not yet operational at the time) we are up $20 having hit $70, the sell target. That is 40% in a few weeks and above the 30% suggested as a generic exit point. In this case, given the pattern in question, it is like shooting fish in a barrel so there was no need to be overly cautious. If you are brave you can hold on for $75 but I do not recommend that.

     By the way, the $75 target does not imply that the stock cannot go higher or much higher. All it means is that up to there is almost a certainty, beyond is a gamble .

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