TSE as of Jan. 18


If only I had my own IT man here I could get this Java problem fixed,evenso for someone 4 years behind it is ok for the moment. The 2 identical charts are of the TSE. There are two possible counts, the one on the right with the triangle is more elegant ,so to speak, whereas the one on the left is slightly more kosher. In any case we try not to be perfectionistic in our approach, the purpose after all is to make money. Both counts point to an imminent drop of tradeable (and avoidable) size if you are in the market. About 2000 points down is a reasonable target from whatever the little e or 2 manages to eek out, and that is if wave 5 does not extend! & is, IMO at the same juncture. Why, no idea but as the saying goes, buy on rumour and sell on fact. The rumour ,ofcourse, is that Obama has devine powers and needs only wave his magic wand . Perhaps not true????????????????