CBS Feb 22 (or entertainment is the real reason for investing)

This is the parent company of CNBC, Maria Bartolomo, the voice of (raw) capitalism. It is trading at a P/E of 2.8, is valued at 2x cash-flow, has gone from $55 to almost $4 and has an open short position of >6% of the float. It is worth $4bln or 4x as much as GM.

Here is the big The discerning reader will immediately recognize this particular pattern as it seems to be recurring all the time. Notice that the stock has NEVER been lower than the almost $4 in late December.


Looking at the detail it seems to me that the move up from the late Dec. low is very possible a 5-wave move and therefore perhaps the beginning of a bull move, long or short but one that as a minimum requires another leg up! If so the minimum target would be about $10. A call option due June  (way too far) with a strike of $5 can be bought for $0.45. ,the $7.5 strike for 10 cents. Seems to me  much better odds than 649. The whole process, should it occur would take about a month to 5 weeks so a shorter and cheaper option may work even better. Should this work, it is a 10 bagger. Perhaps BNN will buy it.