DAX Feb2 update.


dax feb2

Update.    The Dax  is usually pretty clear. It rose to 8000 in 2000, dropped to a little over 2000 in 2003 and then climbed back up to 8000, double topping there and now we are in the second (or C) down-leg. As C waves are always made up of 5 individual waves, 3 down and 2 up, this is what we would expect to see. Also the C waves are, more often than not, larger than the A waves to which they are related. So far none of this has happened! Ergo either we missed something, or we are not done yet ( perhaps not by a long shot). Waves 1,2 and 3 are relatively clear, then 4 gets messy. It is not unequivocally clear where 3 ends and 4 begins, nor is it clear what form 4 is  taking. But it is clear that there is no 5th wave and we are also not even near a logical target at 4258 right now.