BLD March 5 (by special request)


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I do not particularly like penny stocks, but then this is not yet a penny stock. I understand that there is a “house” that specializes in these things recommending the stock, with a target at around $3. Well what I did not like about this thing is that I never understood how you put a 10 ton machine in a car (bus maybe), nor do I see how it solves the energy problem as you are simple transferring the “burning”to another spot. Anyway what is clear is that if there is a time to buy, there has never been a better one, from $210 0 $1.20 is quite a move. Nevertheless it may pay to wait for $0.90. The triangle in the upper section measures about 70 cents, so if e ended at $1.50 that suggests 80cents so that would be $0.70. You would not want to miss it after waiting 10 years so you go 10 cents higher. Good luck.