NASDAQ and S&P Update. Is this possible? March 27. Sorry, website was down.

Nasdaq March 27

We have to be careful that we are truly at the end of a 5-wave move. There seems to be a lot of agreement on this and that concerns me. I think it is entirely plausible that we have NOT yet completed the sequence. There is a possibility that we only just completed wave 4 (or a of wave 4 if it is to develop as a triangle) The same applies to the S&P, see below.

S&P March 27

This is not a predicting but certainly worth thinking about before one loads up on the long side. Canada oddly enough does have a clear 5-wave down, but it started almost half a year later. It is missing the entire first down-leg, both cannot be correct. The tops are about 1/2 year off!

TSE March 27