EK Kodak, for the brave only. April 30

EK April 30

This one is different from all the others,; it also makes a low around March 6/9 but then turns back down. We have a nice initial 5 waves from $2 to $4.5 and then we retrace about 60% going back to $3. The next move should (at worst) be a c to $5.5 or a 3-4-5 to whatever; the trend-line and the 4th of previous degree are both at about $8. This stock was above $90 in ‘98 and presently has shorts to the tune of 30,500,000 shares or about 11% of the float. The RSI is close to being oversold. This is a double or nothing proposition except that the nothing part usually does not happen all at once (it will stop at a dollar and rebound as these things tend to do).