F Update, April 28

F April 28

Here is an update on Ford. This is a schematic picture how Ford may move up over the next  few months. Obviously I have no illusions that it will follow the script precisely, nevertheless if the underlying proposition is ,more or less, correct this what one might expect. and MACD are already high but may stay after a pause. The gap is often in the middle which points towards the $9.75 POTENTIAL target. Presently there are 7 discernable waves within wave 3, this cannot be the end of the move. Every bull wave must have 5 + (a multiple of 4) so the next stopping point should call for at least 2 more legs before 3 is done and then there still is 4 and 5 to go. Of course we have already done a 30% gain (just for the record). Below is the “big” picture.

F April 28. 2png