HXD, May 14 Also RFN and HSD

These are like the 3 musketeers, they are fighting the young ladies on the TV  , CNBC, BNN etc. programs that tell us what to expect next, always up. Nothing like a little lipstick etc. to get the guys in a buying mood, never mind that should the prompter shut down, that would be the end of that. Call me a male chauvinistic pig , if you wish,  but there is a good reason why they called my treasury operation Ham’s Harem. Lets just  go for the adage that it takes a thief to catch one. These three are all double down bear products: the HDX on Toronto, the HSD on the S&P ( but in C$ terms) and RFN . I am partial to HXD, simple because that one came out as a mutual fund long before the other ETF’s. As usual I was too early and could not wait for my $18 prediction to buy, I own it four dollars higher. On second thought it would seem to me that RFN is the best in terms of  bang for your buck, Here are the charts.

HXD May 14

HSD May 14

RFN May 14

The top one is the TSE, the middle one the in C$ terms and the bottom one the S& Financials in US $$$ terms. Price wise the bottom one wins hands down, but it is also the narrowest. It can easily go from 10 to 30 in no time. Because in Cnadawe are always going from one extreme to another ,I would still favor ( favour,  is how I spell this but my computer keeps telling me that I am wrong) the HXD. The real question is, is the rally done or are we at the midpoint.  I am hoping that Patricia Lovitt- Reed, Amanda, Lisa, Linda , Francis etc. etc. will let me know tomorrow. My guess, looking at RY , MFC etc. is that we are done for the moment. That may still mean that we are at a mid-point ( as with Ford) but must keep an open mind in case this thing is all ready in a stall, with ice on the wings. The upside trajectory, shown by the charts, may or may not actually happen, but initially I suspect this is the direction it will go