RY /CM spread trade. May 8 time to close position!

First recommended on April 14, sell 1.2 shares of RY @ $41 for a credit of $49.2 and buy CM at $51 for a debit of $51, all per share of course. Total outlay required $51000 for a 1000 share position. The short finances the long but margin is nevertheless required on both. Earlier I suggested that if this makes you nervous, to sell out the position at an about 2% gain. Today I would strongly recommend exiting the position as the CM is reaching its FIBO limit in the next few days. Right now you would lose  1200 x (44.60-41) or $4320 by buying back the RY short and  gaining  1000x (61.20-51) or $10.200, for a net gain of $5880 from the sale of CM, equal to an absolute gain of 11.53% in less than a month,all this without exposure to the banks.