XIU (TSE ETF) Jan 2010.

XIU Jan 2010

The XIU, a proxy for the TSE is dropping right on target, it is now at 16.50 on its way to , at least, 14.50 but first we probable need a little rebound as the TSE tends to do its business in increments of 1000 points.  In the mean time our favorite HXD has moved in tandem and at roughly twice the pace. Both have a comparable base value right now and as the moved from about 17.50 to 16.50 or one point. the HXD went from just under 12 to almost 14, or two points. This pattern in the XIU calls for another 2 points down (as a minimum) so that should get the HXD to about 16. Ultimately I would look for much higher levels. (41+??)