CRW.un (Cinram) Feb 2010

This one falls in the category of buying anything under $1 and sell for $3 and do it often enough and you will make money. It worked once with this one and may do it again. Short term the chart is not very clear as it made a low of 60 cents together with everything else in March. From their it MAY have started a bullish trend (or corrective one to the first gap). The 60cents should hold so a buy at 70 might just be the right level. Once bought you cannot control it as it is already so low.

CRW.un crw.un 2

You do this once and it will not work, do it often and it will be very rewarding (think Ford).

PS. The low was 61 cents not 60, yesterday’ drop was 61 %, this thing is full of Fibo numbers.