DAX Feb. 2010

The DAX is not that much different from the or the Dow Jones, most charts are pretty similar as is NORMAL in bear markets as the correlations move close to 1. Here is the DAX again.

DAX feb 2010

I always marvel at how well actually describes what should happen. Roughly speaking we went down 50+% and then retraced 50+% in almost text-book fashion. There can be a lot of argument concerning some of the details, like what is the real top and did we ,or did we not have a triangle in 4, most of which is not all that relevant to what should happen next. 5 waves never stand alone. so another set should be forthcoming , which should take us to a new low or , if a more complex correction is occurring, to at least 4500.

Just to complete the picture , here is the for comparison purposes.

TSE feb 2010

There are others like the AEX or even the FTSE that look identical for all intents and purposes.