S&P Feb 2010.

This time I will use the &P, not to create confusion but simple because it has the clearest pattern but they are essentially all the same for the Dow, the TSE and many others. Here it is;

S&P Feb 2010

The &P is actually running behind the others in that it has retraced less but the message is the same. This up leg (for a good part due to the EEC doing nothing YET for Greece) has the potential to go a little higher using 3 different measures, but need not do so! At the latest the high should occur tomorrow morning perpendicularly above the apex. The level could be as high as 1087.  The next move down, as a 3d wave, should be a little more dramatic than we have had so far. This prediction is rather precise so chances of being wrong are proportionally larger. So be it.