TM Febr 2010 TOYOTA

tm feb4 2010

Toyota may be a buy here. Arguable it has done 5 down, has reached the bottom of the wedge at $74 and then some and both the RSI and MACD are at pretty low levels. This stock has been down 10 for the last 11 days. I own a Corolla and a Subaru, the Corolla has the floor mats tied down real well whereas the Subaru (2x as expensive) has the mats floating all over the place. Abstracting from the brake pedal proper, the Corolla is much safer, at least with respect to anything having to do with the gas peddle. Curiously no mention has been made at all of the Audi.  It would seem to me that the problem is grotesquely overstated. Also the company upped its guidance re its future profitability. Looks like a buy to me with tight stops  $70/69 for a target of $80 or so.