FAZ, 3x leveraged financial bear.


This chart is on a log-scale. The question is, is this a buy? Well the simple answer is that it is definitely not a sell, after all if something comes down from 2000 and gets close to 11 or so , only a madman would sell it short. So , if that is the case is it a buy? Probably if you are patient. As this is 3x leveraged it is not even clear that EW rules should apply but , putting that aside this is like a lottery ticket if you believe the financial system is soon to implode, one way or another. The count , with a little imagination, would be a big a-b-c down from the top and recently a first and second wave to start the impulse wave up. The potential is enormous as the initial target would be around 50, conservatively speaking! Good luck, use only money that you can afford to lose.