On Jan 27, a ventured a guess where this stock might go. As you know, I believe that both the bulls and the bears have good arguments, but sofar if the bull argument is correct, why is gold not already at $3000+ ?, after all the financial world almost came to an end etc.etc. So, when I venture a prediction I do so very hesitatingly. Here is the Jan 27 chart;

IMG Jan 27 2010 2

and where we are now;

img aug 2010

The stock did not actually fall to $12, but did reach $13+. From that point it goes nowhere, which is potentially bullish ( remember, do not sell a dull market ). This congestion/consolidation pattern may well be a triangle. If so the stock should drop in wave e, but not below $16 (unless the triangle gets even bigger) . Then there should be an explosive thrust worth  about $10. So the game plan should be to buy at ,say , $17. Stop-loss at $16 and wait with odds 10 to 1 in your favour. As the time frame is fairly clear- the top should be reached in 6 months time at the most, options can be used here as well. Similar but slightly different consolidation patterns, some much longer, can be seen in ABX , G and the XAU. Kinross K is a bit of an exception having gone down most of the time. Good luck.

By the way, by clicking on the charts they can be enlarged and then aligned by dragging them.