IMG update

IMG sep 2010

IMG has not, so far at least, shown a clear count. Previously a triangle was a distinct possibility despite wave b looking more like 5 waves than 3. Right now the lower trend-line of the entire structure coincides with the lower trend-line of the triangle itself. Normally that line should be broken briefly so if that does not happen I would assume that the uptrend started from $13 and has completed a 1-2, 1-2

Looking at the XAU a very distinct triangle occurred, see below;

XAU sep 2010

This triangle measures about 60 points which would yield a high of about 230 for the XAU, which is actually not that far above  a double top. Further evidence that the stocks may go up a little further comes from Kinross , not just the stock but the warrants K.WB;By comparison there is a chart showing what Hecla , HL, did  back in 2001.

K warrant B sep 2010 HL sept 2010

Goldcorp G actually has the best triangle structure of all of them. Here it is together with the warrants (as mentioned earlier a long time ago, the warrants provide a bigger bang for the buck).It desperately wants to at least double top. (click to enlarge).

G sep 2010 G.WG sep 2010