NFLX, Netflix, vernacular for movie, going to the cinema.

Coming to Canada, watch any movie any time anywhere (together with anybody=nobody). Here is the chart:


and here is the more detailed chart:


Where is the bear market? Allow me to tell you where it is, hidden under a rock as this is what will happen, perhaps; This is only possible in the movies and may be detrimental to your health;

nortel 2 2010

If you had not guessed yet, the top chart is that of Nortel Networks, that is why it is easy to fast-forward, (adjusted, of course , for diluting splits as the high was only $124.55. Then I had a target of below $50 for NT( actually more like $15, but what is the point, nobody believed either), for something similar would be $70 or lower. This is what pattern recognition is all about!

Just to be sure, I would not buy this stock. I would sell it but using options only.