F, Ford.

F 2011 feb 16

Red, Green or Yellow? This was one of our best calls. The initial target was $9 with a very high level of certainty, (back to the top of the wedge). After that $15/17 for wave 4 of previous degree. At this point we have no idea whatsoever, the stock could continue to the usual 50/60% retracement levels or a lot further if we are in a real bull market. Paradoxically ,you would not touch this stock if you are long-term bullish. A schematic representation of a real bull would look something like the green chart. Before we go up a solid pull-back in wave 2 should normally be anticipated; these typically retrace the 60+% and therefore it would not be surprising to see the stock first trade at about $7.  In a bear market the stock could easily continue to about $23. This is yellow, stay out the risk/reward ratio does not warrant a position.