You could do all your trading with just these two ETFs. The Horizons X(TSX) D for down or U for up. They are leveraged so one should not go overboard but otherwise they do most of what is needed. Here are the charts;

hxd20112 HXu 2011

The HXU, the bull one on the left could have been bought for $8 at the lows in March, today it is at $24 and appears to have completed an A-B-C of sorts. The HXD, the bear version is on the left and seems to have completed an A-B-C as well, ending with a pretty nice wedge that seems to go on forever. Today it hit a low of $8.03 and even though one cannot be absolutely certain, it is clearly a buy at these levels and should trade towards the $20 level and perhaps a lot higher!

The wedge , in detail , is below. It is the 5th of the 5th which is the wedge so do not confuse the two charts.