CCO update. $24.50

CCO update

Cameco’ target remains the same. $22.50 is perfect, but we would raise the $24 (I want to do this trade) level to $24.50, just in case the lower boundary line stops the drop from going that far.

We are now at about the 3 mile island level disaster, a 5 on this scale. Americans are buying iodine pills and the Chinese are hording salt. In Germany they want to shut down their 17 reactors, or at least not refurbish them as planned. The Chinese have put some of their plans of building 20/40 or so new ones on hold. Here in Canada a slight leak from the Bruce station has become front page news.  The mood is clearly not favoring this stuff but at the same time no one has a good answer as  to where is the energy going to come from. There is no known alternative.