HNU, The Nat. Gas 2x BetaPro ETF


A week ago I mentioned , tongue in cheek, how this ETF had played havoc with a lot of portfolios, many held by PROs, that is brokers themselves. At RBC they are so careful that a year and a half ago they changed the rules and now brokers must be options licensed in order to be able to peddle this stuff. The ETF, that day, traded and closed at around $4.80 and the last trade today (at this time) is at $5,41 The catalyst is the somewhat unbelievable contention that Japan will have to import more of this stuff to generate power (gas turbine generators can be built in a few years, reactors take 15/20 years). Makes you wonder why GE was slammed at the same time, given that it is one of the few companies that can build these plants. Anyway, when the news is at its worst (as in the Star article) things often turn on a dime, regardless of the excuse.