So we are going up, again? CCO

The Nasdaq is one tick away from overlapping, the Russell 2000 has already overlapped so the whole idea of a first 5 wave down is in trouble, at least in America. Most of the Eurapeans still have a way to go. Also S gave back one dollar, exactly what it had gained over the last week. Cameco is up $2.5 which is close to 10%, this together with the whole space , like DML, UUU, UEX etc all up similar amounts.Here is CC0;


I cannot get clear tick charts  but even using this blunt chart it still seems to me that a 5th wave is missing even after today‚Äôs big gain.  There is no news of course from Japan, the focus has shifted to Libya, but in the meantime what is leaking out is not particularly encouraging.