HL, Hecla

hl apr 2011 hl apr 2011s

Back in 2001 I just loved this stock. In the “team” that I worked in at the time, the unilateral message was that we do not buy this stuff, period. The stock went from less than $1 to over $8 in a relatively short time (3 years). We missed the boat. Now , of course precious stuff is what you should buy, simple because  Jim Rogers from Asia and every other investment advisor is saying so! Interestingly, this stock is about where it was 10 years ago. Which brings me to K.WT.C, see below;


This requires a little more thought than usual, this is not a stock but a warrant ! Ask your broker, he will probable not know it exists. The point here is the pattern , no thought required, do they look alike?? If you answer in the affirmative , you may want to read on about gold , silver , FX and so on, next.