G WT G, more on warrants.

On Jan 28 we recommended buying these warrants when they were trading at about $1.62. Our hope was that they would perhaps drop to $1, either way they should triple in value after that and of course, if you miss it all together nothing is lost other than an opportunity. Here is the chart , after the fact.

gwg may 2011

They way to do this, in my opinion, is to put in the order in advance. Suppose you bought that day at $2 in the expectation of tripling your money, you would put in the sell order at $6as soon as you are filled on the purchase. The simple reason for this is that these warrants are essentially derivatives and consequently can decay rapidly if near their expiry date or their strike price. Always settle for what you can reasonable get. For the Kinross warrants that would be about $3 if you buy at $1 or below.