SWI, Swisher Hygiene

Exactly a month ago we suggested that the stock could go to $8 or $10 if it went to the 4th wave of previous degree (that is on the way down). It actually went to $11 and then crashed as predicted by about one half or more. Here is the chart:

SWI detail

By having reached the 4th wave of previous degree and then some, the stock may have completed the up move for a good while. However, it also retraced almost perfectly to the bottom of a triangle, losing about 50% and doing so in a very clean a-b-c. This suggest that it could attempt a rise to $8.50 before anything else. The danger is that it has not (yet) reached $4 where it would (temporarily, perhaps) be a buy for a solid rebound. See chart below.

swi update