TIH , Toromont Industries . More B-waves

fts june 2011 tih june 2011

Toromont Industries Ltd. is involved in renting and selling heavy construction equipment. Like Finning they distribute a lot of Caterpillar equipment.

The B-wave here is clear as a bell as well. Again error is always possible but that would then probable be because we are in a wedge formation that will, but has not yet, complete the entire 5-wave sequence in much the same way as wave 5 of 3 is also a wedge. Should that happen then the stock would climb only a few more dollars at the most and basically kill time. Therefore a prudent investor would sell now.

Assuming that there might be some correlation between this stock and the manufacturer of much of it’s equipment , Caterpillar might confirm this outlook. Here is the latest Cat. chart, what bear market?? one might wonder;

cat june 2011