TRE, Sino Forest update

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These are some of the old recommendations, click on charts  and they will get larger. You can also find the entire blogs by going to the index. We recommended a sell at about $5 simple because that was a huge gain in a very short time and because an a-b-c correction could have been complete at that time. It did drop 50% from there so what is going on now?

tre july 2011

When a stock drops in a 5 wave sequence one should expect a A-B-C correction, this can be simple or complex. We did the A from a $1.29 low to $5.30 or $4,01. Then wave B cut that in half to $3.36. B should continue up to $8.37 where C=A ( 3.36 + 4.01 = 8.37). The gap starts at $ 8.53 so it may try that as well.  Ultimately higher levels are certainly possible. $13.57 would close the gap and that is just a 50% retracement but all this is pure speculation. Stick to the sure stuff.