ACWI, see the blog of March 5. Then & now 3X.

On the left then, on the right now;

ACWI acwi oct 2011

ACWI are iShares, the high was $49, it peaked at $49.83

$stox50 $stox50 oct 2011

The Stox50 high was 2698 on March 4, it peaked at 2741 a few days earlier.

tsx march 4 2011 tsx 25 oct 2011

The high was 14280 on March 4, the actual high was 14315. The blog is available under ACWI. Does it matter? Not really, everyone knows that EW is nonsense anyway. Better to listen to your broker. Unfortunately Stockcharts is not free if you want to go back more than 3 years, consequently I cannot line-up the charts the way i would like to.