SLF again and MFC

slf nov 15 2 2011

Here it is in a little more detail. Today’s low registered at $ 20.96  If there was a triangle wave 5 already has the required 5 wave subdivisions even if they are hard to recognize. If there never was a triangle, a wave 4 and 5 is still required to finish the job.  A move to, say $23 followed by a drop to a new low would do the trick. The 5th wave is already almost equal to wave 1 and time wise we are pretty close to the apex (if that applies). The best you can hope for is about $20.25 and it should happen within two weeks. Little point in waiting!

Unless you look at Manulife which is either making a very complex and incomplete wave 4, or simple just another 4 and 5;

mfc nov 15 2011

If it does that it will likely get to the all time low of $9