JNPR, Juniper Networks.


Most Canadians look the other way when they see a stock with “Networks” in it. The irregular B-wave from the lows of early  2009 caught my eye and I could not resist. This stock should ultimately make a new low, below $12 or so at the very least as that is what the B-wave means. Using the very fallible  theory of the gap-in-the-middle , a target of $10 is obtained. That is another 50%. Superficially it looks like we are in a wave 4, which may or may not resolve itself as a triangle. If it does that, it would probable revolve around $23 and then drop down in the thrust. If the 5th wave thrust equals wave 1, or the mouth of the triangle it should drop to about $13. The slightest will get right into the target of $10. We will see.