TRP update

trp s 2011trp jan 2012

For the big picture, see the previous blog from December 22, 2011, about a month ago. It hit the anticipated target with less than 1/2 dollar to spare and then started on it’s merry way down. These are not insignificant  moves as they are in the order of 10%. The next one should be much larger.  All the analysts babbling on BNN are not in the least concerned about this stock. Todays news and action was just a blip on the way to financial nirvana. The greatest accolades came from the dividend chasers who commented that the return is now better than yesterday. On that basis all things bad are good so why worry. That this stock traded once upon a time not too long  at $9 after an event that was then considered a major betrayal (they cut the dividend after repeatedly promising not to) seems to be entirely forgotten. Our view; stay out!