gdow big cgdow s circle

This is the Global DOW. It is the same chart in both pictures, but with a different emphasis. In the larger picture we have the A wave down followed by the B up. We are now in the C which should subdivide into 5, separate waves, wave 1 and 2 are (almost?) complete. The structures within the circles are essentially identical. Soon wave 3 down should start. The retracement on the rebound was about 60-70%, if we get the same proportion now this one should be as ripe as a rotting apple. Below is what the whole thing might look like once complete.

gdow bb

Fortunately there are alternatives. One would be that the B-wave is not yet complete. Another leg up to perhaps 2600 could kill a whole year but in the end the big dive would still happen. There are a number of other variations but overall the outlook is pretty dismal.