LNG, Cheniere Energy

The Blackstone guys are buying 111 mln. subordinated shares at $18, which adds up to about 2 bln. equal to the company’s capitalization. This is seed money for export terminal costing about $10 bln. to, you guessed it, export L (liquid) N(natural) G (gas), from the US that is presently not enjoying an abundance of the stuff to other parts of the world. Also there were some rumblings about using the fuel in existing internal combustion engines, as in diesel locomotives and normal cars, something that is pretty common in Europe. Here is the chart;

lng feb 2012

By the way, this stock , once upon a time, was worth more than $45. Two counts are possible. In blue, 5 waves up to a top of $13, then A down and a (very nice) B up, C to fallow. In red, we are presently in the 5th wave up that is clearly a three wave affaire and consequently would have to be part of an “expanding diagonal triangle”. This would also be required to explain the overlap between 2 and 4, normally a no no. It does not matter which count is correct as in both cases the stock should drop back to about $3. We would sell at $18 or even lower (as in right now).