BEI.un , Boardwalk Equities Inc

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Boardwalk is one of the original real estate investment trusts and will be able to continue operating as such, unlike the other un- that have had to change their legal structure. We would sell this one now. Three good reasons. One, real estate as a rental is essentially always worth X divided by the inverse of the prevailing interest rates. Roughly speaking property is worth 3 x as much when interest rates are at 4% as compared to 12%. If rates were to go up, the value drops accordingly. Two, we cannot help but notice that this stock is closing in on that wonderful Fibonacci number of $61.8, just a dollar left to go. Third, the trend-line has been exceeded and the next line is not that far above. Then , of course, the pattern suggest a completion of a 5 –wave sequence even if there is a problematic overlap. And, both RSI and MACD are ringing that proverbial bell when it is time to exit.