CVS , Caremark Corp,

This is a large pharma retailer. Peddlers of pills, if you will. One of the last growth industries in the USA. If, by the age of 5 at the latest, you are not taking at least 5 different pills for an equal number of real or imagined ailments, you have to assume that the American Dream has passed you by. It gets worse over time. As always , the rest of the world is doing its best to catch-up. But these fellows operate locally only, so perhaps they benefit from Obama-care, perhaps not. Here are the charts;

cvs b

The immediate trajectory is not perfectly clear. We suspect that we are making a four year B-wave in the form of an A-B- in which the b is a triangle. Both legs A and C are now about equal, we have made a new , irregular, top. The straight line through the tops runs at a little under $50, whereas the channel line is a little above that, say $52. Considering that we are already at $46 there is not much room left. Use a very tight stop or sell outright soon.