FTP, Fortress Paper

Fortress paper makes speciality papers that are used as wallpaper but also for currency. One of their mills is located in the Swiss Alps, just a hundred kilometers from Zurich. They have made the paper for the Swiss Franc for years as sole supplier but do so also for many other countries’ currencies. What could be more appetizing than that? And if they are preparing to make drachmas, liras and perhaps even francs and marks they will not say. Here are the charts;

ftp june 2012 lftp june 2012 s

This stock did outperform gold briefly after the 2009 lows, going from $5 to about $62+. The Fibo ratio gave it away. It should come down in a large A-B-C and so far it has. C waves must be 5-waves so there is still one down-leg missing. At $25 overlap occurs which then would have to imply that a “diagonal” (wedge) is forming. These come in two varieties , expanding and contracting (both are shown). In the case of the expanding model the stock could trade to as high as $35 or so. Under the contracting variety not much above $26 should be expected. Take your pick.