PBI. Pitney Bowes

pbi 2012

Anyone who has spent some time in the mailroom of a company will know that that is where the heart is. It is here that you can find out almost anything about a company as you see the flows.The PB postage machines are right at the center, or maybe not any more. Like the post office it is a dying institution, the only question is how fast? The schematic A-B-C “correction” gives a target of about $8. If it stops there remains to be seen and will depend to a great extent on whether or not the company can live up to its slogan, “Pitney Bowes does more”. It is trying to transition from mail to communications, a broader and more complicated mandate. Presently we appear to be in the 3d wave of 5 of C. The target is also close to $8/$7. The count is somewhat open to debate but the proportions are quite plausible. Here is more detail;

pbi s 2012