WTW, Weight Watchers International

wtw jul 2012

Not at all sure if Fergie is still promoting this company. Doesn’t matter as this should sell itself. This is one of the true “growth” stocks, or at least it should be. In the US some 41% of the children are already obese, it is a calamity that is happening everyday and accelerating. Demand for these services should be growing exponentially. Apparently the Chinese, usually lean and mean, are starting to suffer from obesity just as much as the West. So the above bullish outlook may, surprisingly, be correct. In detail:

wtw jul 2012 mwtw jul 2012 s

$45 is a best guess for a low (or temporary low). 1. The a-b-c is complete at that point, 2. A gap on the way up is closed, 3. It will have retraced either 50% of 3 or 62 % of the whole thing and 4. This is a growth stock, literally.

Use a stop loss a few dollars below, just in case it does what INFA did today. Should the trade work, we would not stay with it beyond, say, $65