The nice thing about getting stopped out is that you can do the same foolish thing again without loosing too much;

HPQ Oct 2012

Between here and $11 this stock is a buy, if only for a nice dead cat bounce of 50+%. The 4th wave of previous degree is presumable at the $11 level, the stock is already trading with a $14 handle so there is about $4 room left to manoeuvre. At a glance you will notice that waves 5 and 1 of C are about the same size, a common feature. The 5th wave itself seems to be subdivided in 5 waves and therefore may be complete. In all events use a stop loss a few dollars below the buy level but not below $11.

Sony  (SNE)at about the same level may be a better bet. It is down a lot more if that is  criterion.