W5000, Wilshire 5000 Total Market Full Cap index.

w5000 2012 bw5000 2012 s

One of the most important attributes of EW patterns with respect to their credibility is elegance, harmony or symmetry. The more you have of that the more likely you will be in being correct. This is the Wilshire 5000 index, it is cap-weighted like the Dow and contains a little over 4000 different stocks (not 5000 as you might expect). It is the broadest index in the US and therefore probable represents the best cross section of US equities. We have the big dive down of the great recession and then a B-wave up that almost double tops. That wave is subdivided in two, vector equal sections A and C. The three higher highs of the wedge are perfectly on one single line. So are the three lows today but tomorrow (or next week some time) we expect the line to be broken to the downside.