BBD.B update

BBD.B nov 27 2012

Other than a lot of time passing by, there is little change in our outlook on this stock. The 4 year drop from $25 to $2.30 is 90%+% and as such sufficient to qualify as a complete correction. Time will tell if it is complete, but for the moment two scenarios present themselves and both are bullish in the short term (next few years). We either had a wave 1 of a new bull run followed by a , normal, large retracement and are now about ready to move into wave 3, or our assumption is wrong and we are looking at a corrective A-B-C rally that is still missing the C-leg. As long as you maintain a stop at around $2.75 (arbitrary choice), things should work out on the long side. The stop is recommended as these are not the only two possible scenarios, just the two most plausible ones.