ABX, update last time.

abx apr 17 2013 labx apr 17 2013

Given the opening gap Monday we hope you did not buy it yet. This looks like an exhaustion gap for this stock and with the stuff down more than $100 over the weekend buying there would not have made much sense. In any event here we are at about $19+, close to our long-term target of $17. It is funny how you can wait for months or even years for something to happen and then when it does, it does it at such a breakneck speed that it catches you by surprise.  Gold bugs are all of a sudden extinct and the bleak news is coming from all sides. This stock was downgraded by more than a handful of analysts that were all cheerleading it up just the day before. It now earns a bank like dividend of 4.17% This, if anything is the time to buy.