EMC, a possibility

emc aug 20 2013emc aug 20 2013 s

The big picture is not a pretty one, perhaps just another casualty of the tech bubble. But then everything is relative. This stock has not  even retraced a minimum of 38%. It may yet do that, almost, if our mindboggling scenario is correct. It seems that we potentially have a 3 year triangle, unfinished as it is, in the making. It has been light years ago that the stock made the low of $4.57. From that point at the very least one would expect a-b-c rebound. The triangle concept fits nicely in that scenario as wave 4 of C.  Fortunately nothing needs to be decided now. An e-wave is still required to finish the triangle before the thrust can start. These e’s can be devious as they need not travel to “the other side”, at least not all the way. Still there are months to go before this one is ripe. Then we can re-evaluate and do so with more confidence.