OSK, Osisko update

The usual then – 12 Nov, 2012 – and now charts;

osk nov 10 updateosk aug 27 2013

The arrows actually point to about $3 , that part we  got right. But we did not get the triangle which shows one of two possibilities and we did waver a bit as $16 to $3 seemed like an awful lot, briefly $6 seemed to be low enough. Today we would count this whole thing as a double zig-zag, which could mean a complete correction were it not that there also exist triple zig-zags as in A-B-C X A-B-C Y A-B-C. For the moment we will ignore that possibility. This stock is at the 200 day moving average, near the upper trend line and the is in overbought territory. Also the rebound is nicely symmetric so a pause may be required after this double from the lows, but the stock does have the potential to go a lot higher , perhaps >$10.